Language and Memory Control

Language and Memory Control

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Cognitive neuroscientists, engineers and mathematicians work together in the Language and Memory Control group to unravel the neural basis of high cognitive functions using an array of behavioral, functional (task-related, resting-state) and structural (volumetric, diffusion MRI, quantitative MRI) MRI techniques and a range of analytical approaches.

We investigate how high cognitive functions result from interactions between different cognitive components, focusing mostly on language (reading, speech comprehension and production) and memory (semantic, autobiographical, episodic) systems across the life span in both cognitively normal and clinical populations.

Our current research program includes studies on thalamocortical contributions to language systems, differential involvement of visual pathways in word processing, brain plasticity associated with language learning and cognitive training, executive attention, episodic memory retrieval, creativity, and advanced MRI methods.


In press

Gurunandan, K., Cooper, E., Tibon, R., Henson, R.N., & Greve, A. (In press). No evidence of fast mapping in healthy adults using an implicit memory measure: failures to replicate the lexical competition results of Coutanche and Thompson-Schill (2014). Memory. Doi:10.1080/09658211.2023.2262188
Narganes-Pineda, C., Paz-Alonso, P.M., Marotta, A., Lupiañez, J., & Chica, A.B. (In press). Neural basis of social attention: common and distinct mechanisms for social and nonsocial orienting stimuli. Cerebral Cortex. Doi:


Carrión-Castillo, A., Paz-Alonso, P.M., & Carreiras, M. (2023). Brain structure, phenotypic and genetic correlates of reading performance. Nature Human Behaviour, 7(7), 1120-1134. Doi:10.1038/s41562-023-01583-z
Delgado-Alvarado, M., Ferrer-Gallardo, V.J., Paz-Alonso, P.M., Caballero-Gaudes, C., & Rodríguez-Oroz, M.C. (2023). Interactions between functional networks in Parkinson's disease mild cognitive impairment. Scientific Reports, 13(1). Doi:10.1038/s41598-023-46991-3

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