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The Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language is a world class interdisciplinary research center for the study of cognition, brain, and language, jointly founded by Innobasque, Ikerbasque, UPV-EHU and the Provincial Government of Guipuzkoa.

The BCBL is a multidisciplinary research center within the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network (RVCTI), devoted to pursuing excellence in research, training, and knowledge transfer in the cognitive neuroscience of language. 

Our research activity aims to unravel the neurocognitive mechanisms involved in the acquisition, comprehension and production of language, with special emphasis on bilingualism and multilingualism. We study processes involved in normal child language acquisition and second language learning in adults, as well as learning disorders, language disorders, the language-related effects of aging, and neurodegeneration and language use in different social contexts.

Language is a unique human ability that involves complex cognitive processes. Reading and writing are among our most impressive cultural developments; as individuals, developing these skills are major milestones, fundamentally changing how we interact with our environment. However, despite the impressive technological and scientific advances of recent decades, we have not yet unravelled the complexities of the cognitive processes involved in language, especially reading. We still do not know the causes of some language disorders and reading disabilities and how to remediate them. The BCBL carries out research in these fascinating areas, using the most advanced techniques.

Manuel Carreiras

BCBL Director

Aims of the BCBL

  1. To develop research and innovation in cognitive neuroscience with special emphasis on language processing and bilingualism.
  2. To promote scientific research and national and international scientific relationships within the area of cognitive neuroscience, and to transfer the results of this research for the benefit of community.
  3. To promote the transfer and dissemination of knowledge about cognitive neuroscience, language and bilingualism both within and beyond the Basque Country, by means of organizing courses, seminars, national and international conferences and effective public media and forums.
  4. To participate in undergraduate and postgraduate education and training programss and encourage young researchers to join our area of research.
  5. To facilitate training and ongoing development of BCBL personnel and to promote collaboration across different lines of research.
  6. To forge collaborative links and common interest areas with public and private institutions, centers and industries, with the aim of providing research, training, technological and consultancy services that take full economic and social advantage of the research and technologies developed at BCBL.