Educational Neuroscience and Developmental Disorders

Educational Neuroscience and Developmental Disorders

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The Developmental Disorders group investigates developmental disorders related to language, such as dyslexia and specific language impairments.

In particular, we investigate how the orthographic properties of a language (orthographic consistency and transparency) influence the reading strategies used by bilingual children (with typical and atypical trajectories) when they read in their two languages. In addition, we study the development of reading sub-skills (i.e., phonemic awareness, rapid automatized naming, visual attention span) in bilingual pre-readers and readers.

We also investigate whether the proximal cause of developmental dyslexia may be found in atypical auditory oscillatory functions affecting phase-amplitude cross-frequency coupling, and inter-hemispheric communication, with the special aim of uncovering neural biomarkers for dyslexia.

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Taouki, I., Lallier, M., & Soto, D. (In press). The role of metacognition in monitoring performance and regulating learning in early readers. Metacognition and Learning. Doi:10.1007/s11409-022-09292-0
Zugarramurdi, C., Fernández, L., Lallier, M., Carreiras, M., & Valle-Lisboa, J.C. (In press). Lexiland: A Tablet-based Universal Screener for Reading Difficulties in the School Context. Journal of Educational Computing Research. Doi:10.1177/07356331221074300


Destoky, F., Bertels, J., Niesen, M., Wens, V., Vander Ghinst, M., Rovai, A., Trotta, N., Lallier, M., De Tiège, X., & Bourguignon, M. (2022). The role of reading experience in atypical cortical tracking of speech and speech-in-noise in dyslexia. NeuroImage, 253. Doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2022.119061
Jevtović, M., Antzaka, A., & Martin, C.D. (2022). Gepo with a G, or Jepo with a J? Skilled Readers Generate Orthographic Expectations for Novel Spoken Words Even When Spelling is Uncertain. Cognitive Science, 46(3), e13118. Doi:10.1111/cogs.13118

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