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Txomin Romero. The DIPC Supercomputing Center services

- BCBL auditorium (and BCBL zoom room 2)

What: The DIPC Supercomputing Center services

Where: BCBL Auditorium and zoom room # 2 (If you would like to attend to this meeting reserve at

Who: Txomin Romero. PhD, Director, DIPC Supercomputing Center, Donostia-San Sebastián

When:  Thursday,  May 23rd at 12:00 PM noon.

Nowadays, the High Performance Computing (HPC) is an essential tool if we want to solve advanced  computation problems. In this talk, we will present the computational services of the DIPC Supercomputing Center and we will show the characteristics of its more powerful supercomputer: Hyperion. Hyperion is a multipurpose supercomputer based in Intel Xeon microarchitecture. It is located in Donostia International Physics Center, and offers to the Basque scientific community more than 14.000 cores and 150 TB of RAM memory. The supercomputer has different types of nodes (in terms of their processors and amount of memory) to satisfy all possible computational needs. Its nodes are interconnected by an Infiniband HDR network which can provide end-to-end bandwidth of up to 200 Gbps. Hyperion also has 50 GPUs NVIDIA A100 that deliver high acceleration for AI, data analytics and HPC.