Jieying He


Postdoctoral Researcher

Keywords: Reading, spoken and written language production, irrelevant speech effect in speaking

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Neurobiology of Language at BCBL. 

My research has focused on the cognitive processes and neural mechanisms involved in spoken and written language production. I investigated how people speak in noise. I was especially interested in the questions that how different types of background speech influence speech production, and how speakers copy with this influence. I’ll continue to explore the cognitive mechanism underlying speaking in noise. 

I also investigated the cognitive neural mechanism supporting written language production. The main research question was that how phonological processes affect the retrieval of orthography in written language production. To this end, I used the fMRI technique and dynamic causal modeling (DCM, effective connectivity) method. This work led me to my current interest in using the fMRI technique to explore the cognitive neural mechanism of reading in the deaf. This research involved extensive collaboration with Manuel Carrieiras and Brendan Costello.

Research group: Neurobiology of language


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