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To provide a platform for researchers and professionals from related disciplines to carry out frontline research, development and innovation in cognitive neuroscience and language. 

Aim of our research

Our research aims to unravel the neurocognitive mechanisms involved in the acquisition, comprehension and production of language, with special emphasis on bilingualism and multilingualism.

We study processes involved in normal child language acquisition and second language learning in adults, as well as learning disorders, language disorders, language-related effects of aging and neurodegeneration and language use in different social contexts.

Our commitment

Our commitment to the transfer or knowledge about cognitive neuroscience extends to the education, healthcare, social, and business environments. We aim to apply the knowledge and technology derived from our research to advance the welfare of society. 

To this end, we have forged links with institutions and organizations in both the local and broader communities, to provide expertise, consultancy and technology development services, all at the highest international quality standards.

Research agenda

We take advantage of our center’s setting in the bilingual Basque country to study language processing in Basque and Spanish. As a language isolate, Basque has unique characteristics and so provides us with an unrivalled opportunity to uncover both the specific and the universal characteristics of language.

To pursue our aims, we use a variety of methods, including cutting-edge neuroimaging techniques, behavioral methods, and computational modelling, developing our projects and also collaborating with other public and private institutions.


BCBL aspires to become internationally recognized as a Basque center of research excellence in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language:

  • Focusing on globally-relevant strategic objectives, specifically aimed at supporting the competitive development of science, economy and society in the Basque Country.
  • Leading efficient cooperation between the various stakeholders in the Basque system of research and development.
  • Seeking to make the Basque Country a magnet and focus of attention for activities related to the cognitive neuroscience of language.
  • Promoting and continually improving the transmission of knowledge generated by our research for the greater benefit of society. 


  1. Promotion of research
  2. Personal development
  3. Social commitment – dissemination of knowledge
  4. Commitment to constant improvement
  5. Result-focused
  6. Promotion of interculturality
  7. Integrity