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Abstract deadline: May 10th, 2011

Indicate whether the abstract submission is for a poster presentation only, an oral presentation only, or either. A registered user may submit only one abstract as the communicating author. (Symposia speakers may not be the communicating author on any additional oral presentations, but may present a poster).

One of the authors has to be the registered user who is submitting the abstract. Please use the same First name and Last name used during registration.

The abstracts must be written in English, the official language of ESCOP 2011.

Please choose a short title (max. 100 characters) that clearly indicates the content of the contribution. Please use lower case. Only capitalize the first letter in the title, as well as the first letter after a colon. Also, please, do not include a period at the end of the title.

Please avoid abbreviations in the title. Abbreviations may be used in the text of the abstract if they are defined when used first, or are commonly used abbreviations.

Abstract text length is up to 200 words. Please, do not use indentations at the beginning of the abstract, and any special format features in the text. References, photographs, diagrams, formulas or tables are not accepted as part of an abstract.

Affiliations should not be included in the abstract text, only in the Institution lines provided in the submission form. It must follow these formats:
- Department/Center. University. City, Country.
- Center. City, Country.

The author's name, degrees, titles, appointments, contact information, and acknowledgement of support should not be provided in the abstract.

In order to provide a maximum of useful information in the abstract

  • state the main goal of the study.
  • state the methods used, if relevant.
  • briefly summarize the obtained results.
  • provide a brief conclusion.

Please carefully proofread the abstract before submission, and if necessary have it read by a native speaker of English. Abstracts will be reproduced exactly as submitted.

We strongly recommend to read the detailed example of how the abstract submission should be performed.

VERY IMPORTANT: Remember to click on SEND in the final step of your abstract submission. You will receive a confirmation by email once your abstract submission is successfully performed. If you do not receive the confirmation, it could means that we did not receive your abstract, so please contact us, before the abstract deadline, by the following email address: .

Abstract submission is now closed!  Click here for more info: NEWS
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