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Friday, June 09 2023.

From theory to practice


8:00-8:45   Registration


8:45-9:00   Welcome - Adolfo Morais, Vice-minister of Universities and Research of the Basque Government


9:00-10:00   Manon Jones: "The Research on the Instruction of Literacy with Language (RILL) programme: born in the pandemic and now implemented in classrooms"


10:00-11:00   Symposium/discussion: Impact o. Chair: Cameron Downing: "How COVID-19 has shaped education: transitory and permanent adaptations"


Early screening for risk of dyslexia – the value of teacher and parental report

Frøydis Morken (University of Bergen)


The benefits and challenges of implementing a technology-based literacy intervention

Gwennant Evans-Jones (Bangor University)


Efficacy of a tablet versus a paper-pencil intervention for letter handwriting: Evidence in kindergartners

Marie Van Reybroek (UCLouvain)

11:00-11:30   Coffee


11:30-12:30   Franck Ramus: “Do we need miracle cures for dyslexia?


12:30-13:30   Charles Hulme: “Early language intervention is Effective and Important for Improving Educational Outcomes


13:30-15:00   Lunch


15:00 -16:00   Usha Goswami: “Dyslexia, Rhythm, Language and the Developing Brain


16:00-17:00   Marie Lallier: “Multifactorial hypotheses of dyslexia: What do they tell us about how to support people with dyslexia?


17:00-18:00   Round table. Chair: Manuel Carreiras


November 30 1999.

Cameron Downing

November 30 1999.

Information about conference venue

The conference will be held at the Parque Cientifico y Tecnologico de Guipuzcoa building.

You can see the location of the venue on this map

November 30 1999.

Usha Goswami

November 30 1999.

Charles Hulme

November 30 1999.

Manon Jones

November 30 1999.

Marie Lallier

November 30 1999.

Franck Ramus

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