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Friday, June 09 2023.

From theory to practice


8:00-8:45   Registration


8:45-9:00   Welcome - Adolfo Morais, Vice-minister of Universities and Research of the Basque Government


9:00-10:00   Manon Jones: "The Research on the Instruction of Literacy with Language (RILL) programme: born in the pandemic and now implemented in classrooms"


10:00-11:00   Symposium/discussion: Impact o. Chair: Cameron Downing: "How COVID-19 has shaped education: transitory and permanent adaptations"


Early screening for risk of dyslexia – the value of teacher and parental report

Frøydis Morken (University of Bergen)


The benefits and challenges of implementing a technology-based literacy intervention

Gwennant Evans-Jones (Bangor University)


Efficacy of a tablet versus a paper-pencil intervention for letter handwriting: Evidence in kindergartners

Marie Van Reybroek (UCLouvain)

11:00-11:30   Coffee


11:30-12:30   Franck Ramus: “Do we need miracle cures for dyslexia?


12:30-13:30   Charles Hulme: “Early language intervention is Effective and Important for Improving Educational Outcomes


13:30-15:00   Lunch


15:00 -16:00   Usha Goswami: “Dyslexia, Rhythm, Language and the Developing Brain


16:00-17:00   Marie Lallier: “Multifactorial hypotheses of dyslexia: What do they tell us about how to support people with dyslexia?


17:00-18:00   Round table. Chair: Manuel Carreiras


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