Itzuli Aurreko ekintzak: Defne Abur. Sensorimotor control of typical and disordered speech

Defne Abur. Sensorimotor control of typical and disordered speech

- BCBL zoom room 2 only (online talk)

What: Sensorimotor control of typical and disordered speech.

Where: BCBL Zoom Room # 2 (online talk) (If you would like to attend to this meeting reserve at

Who: Defne Abur. PhD, Assistant Professor of Speech and Speech Technology, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands.

When:  Thursday, May 9th at 13:00 h.

Assessing the integration of sensory feedback during motor speech production (sensorimotor control of speech) can shed light on the processes involved in neural control of speech. Sensorimotor control can be examined by creating an experimentally generated sensory “error” (i.e., a difference in auditory or somatosensory feedback) during speech and measuring how speakers respond. However, sensorimotor speech measures are highly variable, even within typical speakers. There is a need to delineate the mechanisms underlying the variability in sensorimotor measures for speech to clarify when sensory feedback is disrupted and how to make targeted speech interventions. This talk will provide an overview of the role of sensory feedback processing in typical speech and motor speech disorders, as well as a discussion of factors that can influence measures of sensorimotor integration for speech.