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13th Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop 12th Jul. - 14th Jul.


Thursday, July 12th, 2012. Palacio Miramar, Donostia - San Sebastian

08:00 - 08:45
Registration & Welcome coffee
08:45 - 09:00
Conference welcome by Julien Mayor, co-organiser of the NCPW13 conference and by Manuel Carreiras, BCBL Director
09:00 - 10:00
Keynote lecture 1. James McClelland "Half a century of neural networks -- What's Next?"
10:00 - 10:40
Oral Session 1
10:40 - 11:00
Coffee break
11:00 - 12:40
Oral Session 2
12:40 - 15:00

[PS-1.1] Division of labour between semantics and modality-specific systems in Japanese pitch accent processing: Convergent evidence from experimental psychology, developmental psychology, and computational modelling Taiji Ueno, Yuuki Tanida, Satoru Saito & Matthew Lambon Ralph 

[PS-1.2] Modeling the emergence of transitivity relations in equivalence classes using Hebbian learning Angel E. Tovar & Gert Westermann 

[PS-1.3] Hypernetwork Analysis of Language Networks and Its Implication for Brain Networks Minsu Zhang, Joon Shik Kim & Jun-Hee Nam 

[PS-1.4] Variance Distribution and Inclusion Relationship are Necessary but not Sufficient to Produce the Asymmetric Categorization Effect: Revisiting French et al. (2004) Martial Mermillod, Nicolas Vermeulen, Gwenael Kaminsky, Edouard Gentaz & Patrick Bonin 

[PS-1.5] The role of visual processing in accounting for "serial" effects in reading Ya-Ning Chang, Steve Furber & Stephen Welbourne 

[PS-1.6] Are semantic representations of words radically distributed? Christopher Cox, Mark Seidenberg, Jeff Binder, Rutvik Desai & Tim Rogers 

[PS-1.7] Becoming modular: Cognitive control affects the degree to which lexical and semantic representations interact Lang Chen & Timothy Rogers 

[PS-1.8] Reading aloud is quicker than reading silently---an example of enhancement of cognitive processing by action Hiro-Fumi Yanai, Tatsuki Konno & Atsushi Enjyoji 

[PS-1.9] Right otitis media in early childhood and language development María Francisca Alonso, Paulino Uclés & Pablo Saz 

[PS-1.10] The conceptualisation of emotion qualia: Semantic clustering of emotional tweets Eugene Y Bann & Joanna J Bryson 

[PS-1.11] Satiating categorical meaning: Simulating the reversal of semantic priming into semantic satiation in a category matching task Bruno GALMAR & Jenn-Yeu CHEN 

[PS-1.12] Differences in fMRI representation of concrete and abstract concepts andrew anderson, brian murphy & massimo poesio 

[PS-1.13] The N400 component of the ERP: Some explorations with a connectionist attractor model of conceptual processing Milena Rabovsky & Ken McRae 

[PS-1.14] A dynamic cognitive model of novel conceptual combinations Simona Doboli 

[PS-1.16] The computational mechanisms underlying learning during sleep Anna Schapiro, Seth Herd, Aaron Trippe, Randall O'Reilly, Timothy Rogers & Kenneth Norman 

15:00 - 16:40
Oral Session 3
16:40 - 17:00
Coffe Break
17:00 - 18:00
Oral Session 4
20:30 - 23:00
Conference Dinner

Friday, July 13th, 2012. Palacio Miramar, Donostia - San Sebastian

09:00 - 10:00
Keynote lecture 2. Mark Seidenberg "Connectionist models of language: Learning from successes and failures that are not failures"
10:00 - 10:40
Oral Session 5
10:40 - 11:00
Coffe Break
11:00 - 12:40
Oral Session 6
12:40 - 15:00

[PS-2.1] Heterarchy in computational models of cognition Richard Shillcock 

[PS-2.2] Sparsification based on sampeled unary sub-vectors Ângelo Cardoso, João Sacramento & Andreas Wichert 

[PS-2.3] A Conflict/Control-Loop Hypothesis of Hemispheric Brain Reserve Capacity Nicholas Rendell & Eddy Davelaar 

[PS-2.4] The schema theory of memory consolidation: A stochastic neural network model Maria Shippi, Mark van Rossum, Richard G.M. Morris & Anders Lansner 

[PS-2.5] Error Driven Learning within the Hippocampus; theta rhythm, and novelty based learning signals Nichoals Ketz, Srinimish Gnanasekaran & Randall O'Reilly 

[PS-2.6] Modeling the actor-critic architecture by combining recent work in reservoir computing and temporal difference learning in complex environments Jeffrey Rodny & David Noelle 

[PS-2.7] Modeling cognitive control in a hierarchical prefrontal cortex with echo state networks Remco Tukker, Anne van Rossum, Pim Haselager & Stefan Frank 

[PS-2.8] A dynamic neural field model for learning sequential tasks by observation Emanuel Sousa, Wolfram Erlhagen & Estela Bicho 

[PS-2.9] A game of mirrors: emergent geometric alignments of concept representations allow analogical inferences Sergio Varona-Moya & Pedro L. Cobos 

[PS-2.10] The zoom lens of attention: Simulating shuffled versus normal text reading using the SWIFT model Daniel J. Schad & Ralf Engbert 

[PS-2.11] Associative Concept Structure for Concept Combination and Innovation in Electronic Circuit Design Alex Doboli 

[PS-2.12] Reassessing perceptrons' ability to generalize between analogous domains Sergio Varona-Moya & Pedro L. Cobos 

[PS-2.13] Mind wandering can support automaticity David C. Noelle 

[PS-2.14] Searching for something familiar or novel: ERP correlates of top-down attentional selection for specific items or categories Rachel Wu, Gaia Scerif, Richard N. Aslin, Tim J. Smith & Martin Eimer 

[PS-2.15] Neuro-computational Laughter Study María Francisca Alonso, Pablo Loste & Pedro Marijuán  

[PS-1.15] When failures of models are informative: The case of frontostriatal mechanisms in the development of cognitive control Christopher Chatham, Benjamin Yerys & Yuko Munakata 

15:00 - 16:20
Oral Session 7
16:20 - 16:40
Coffee break
16:40 - 17:20
Oral Session 8

Saturday, July 14th, 2012. Palacio Miramar, Donostia - San Sebastian

09:00 - 10:00
Keynote lecture 3. Randall O'Reilly "How Adaptive Control Emerges from Multiple Interacting Brain Systems"
10:00 - 10:40
Oral Session 9
10:40 - 11:00
Coffee break
11:00 - 12:20
Oral Session 10
12:20 - 13:00
Closing Remarks by Pablo Gomez, co-organiser of the NCPW13 conference.
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