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IWORDD - International Workshop on Reading and Developmental Dyslexia 30th May. - 31st May.


Book of abstracts


The book of abstracts is available.

Who is coming to IWORDD?


Join our event on Facebook, see who is coming, share your thoughts about reading and developmental dyslexia,... or just meet for a beer with other participants ;)

Oral presentations


We have scheduled 20 minutes for the talks including 5 minutes for discussion.

The conference room will have both PC and Mac computers. Presentations must be uploaded onto a server at the venue, located at the registration desk. There are two options for uploading your presentation:

1) Sending it by e-mail to by May 27th
2) Uploading it to the server located at the conference venue, at least ONE DAY before your presentation.
3) Software provided for the presentations:

PC: Office Standard 2010 SP1, Adobe reader X Version 10.1.3, Windows media video, VLC

MAC: office Standard 2011 SP3, Keynote'09 Version 5.1(1018), Adobe reader 10.1.3, VLC, QuickTime

Poster dimensions


Participants are requested to design posters with the following dimension:

- Maximum poster height: 120 cm

- Maximum poster width: 90 cm

Each poster will be given a unique number which correspond to the poster panel. Participants are requested to put up their poster before 11:00am on the day corresponding to their poster presentation so as to increase the opportunity for other participants to read it. Posters should be removed by the end of the day (before 7:00 pm), but can stay on the panels until then.

Acceptance of abstracts


The notification of abstracts acceptance was sent on March 5. If you have not received your notification, please contact us by email ( )

Official poster of the conference


The official poster of the conference is available.

What is the BCBL?


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