Itzuli Aurreko ekintzak: Boris A. Kleber. Voice Production: Insights from Singing Research

Boris A. Kleber. Voice Production: Insights from Singing Research

- BCBL auditorium (and BCBL zoom room 1). (BCBL Lab Meeting)

What: Voice Production: Insights from Singing Research

Where: BCBL Auditorium and zoom room # 1 (If you would like to attend to this meeting reserve at

Who: Boris A. Kleber . PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine - Center for Music In the Brain, Aarhus University, Denmark.

When:  Tuesday February 20th, 2pm (BCBL Lab Meeting)

This talk presents research investigating the broader implications of vocal training on neural control in voice production. Using professional singers as a model for enhanced sensorimotor integration, I will focus on studies addressing behavioral and neurobiological changes associated with long-term voice training, specifically regarding embodiment and body awareness. Additionally, the neural correlates of creativity in improvised singing will be discussed. Finally, I will present a new perspective on voice perception, focusing on how hearing one’s own voice's emotional tone during speech production may interact with concurrent mood states. Together, these insights provide a different look at the neural underpinnings of human voice production, with promising implications for the rehabilitation of neurodegenerative diseases.