Clara Martin


Ikerbasque Research Professor. Group Leader

Senior scientist at BCBL, Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language.

Keywords: visual and auditory sentence processing, bilingual language processing, bilingual language control, phonology/orthography interactions.

Research line: Bilingual language comprehension and production.

Dr. Martin research group’s main objective is to explore the relationship between speech perception and production as well as study language interactions in the bilingual mind. The research group investigates factors that impact multilingual speech processing, and how to influence and optimize second language sound and word learning. The group also explores bilingual language control, assessing language interference in multilinguals on the sound, word and sentence level in speech perception and production. The research group also focuses on the impact of orthographic systems on speech sounds and words on perception and production across modalities, languages, and populations.

Research group: Speech and Bilingualism

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