A standardized set of 750 drawings with multilingual norms


What is MultiPic?

The Multilingual Picture (MultiPic) databank is the result of an international collaborative project intended to provide the scientific community with a set of publicly available 750 drawings from common concrete concepts created by the same author, standardized for name agreement and visual complexity in several languages.

We’d highly appreciate if you could cite the source of these materials using the following reference in your research reports:

Duñabeitia, J.A., Crepaldi, D., Meyer, A.S., New, B., Pliatsikas, C., Smolka, E., & Brysbaert, M. (in press). MultiPic: A standardized set of 750 drawings with norms for six European languages.Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Download a preprint version of the manuscript

List of available languages and team members:


    • Spanish:

Institution: Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language (BCBL)
Team Leader: Jon Andoni Duñabeitia


    • British English:

Institution: University of Kent
Team Leader: Christos Pliatsikas
Team member: Jared Checketts


    • German:

Institution: University of Konstanz
Team leader: Eva Smolka
Team member: Janina Fickel


    • Italian:

University of Milano Bicocca and Milan Center for Neuroscience (NeuroMi)
Team leader: Davide Crepaldi
Team members: Silvia Cozzi, Alessandro Ferraris, Stefano Spinelli


    • French:

Institution: Universitée Savoie; LPNC (CNRS UMR 5105)
Team leader: Boris New


    • Dutch (Belgium):

Institution: Ghent University; Center for Reading Research
Team leader: Marc Brysbaert
Team member: Evelyne Lagrou


    • Dutch (Netherlands):

Institution: Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Team leader: Antje Meyer
Team member: Annelies van Wijngaarden


[Please feel free to contact Jon Andoni Duñabeitia or any of his co-authors if you wish to standardize these items in a different language; we encourage other researchers to do so and we'd be happy to help in the process]



(300 x 300 pixels; DPI=96 pixels/inch)



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Files with the data for each language

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Description of the fields:

  1. ITEM: A numerical indicator of the item (shared across languages)
  2. PICTURE: The name of the drawing across image files and languages
  3. NAME1: The most repeated answer for the item
  4. NAME2: The same as NAME1 for the cases in which two different answers were equally probable
  5. H_INDEX: The value of the H index for each drawing
  6. PERCENTAGE_MODAL_NAME: The percentage of participants giving the modal name
  7. NUMBER_DIFFERENT_RESPONSES: The number of different non-idiosyncratic responses given to the item
  8. PERCENTAGE_UNKNOWN_RESPONSES: The percentage of participants who did not know the concept or its name
  9. PERCENTAGE_IDIOSYNCRATIC_RESPONSES: The percentage of responses given by a single participant to the item
  10. VISUAL_COMPLEXITY: The mean rating of visual complexity given to the item in a 1 (very simple) to 5 (very complex) scale


Additional files:

The whole set of responses for all languages, including the unfiltered raw data and the correctness characterization of the responses can be accessed by clicking here.