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AirportDistance to San Sebastian - Donostia
San Sebastián22 km
Biarritz (BIQ)48 km
Bilbao (BIO)103 km


San Sebastián has an airport, which is located close to the city center (around 22 km).

If you come to San Sebastián from Madrid or Barcelona, it might be worth taking a look at direct flights from these cities to San Sebastian.


Air LinesTelephone
AIR NOSTRUM(+34) 961 960 200
IBERIA(+34) 943 668 521


From San Sebastián airport the city centre is easily reached by bus.

The airport bus takes around 25 minutes to reach the city center, costs 2.10 euros and stops at the central Plaza de Gipuzkoa. However, the airport bus frequency is not ideal (+/- every 1 hour.). There are also taxis available at the airport. The taxi fare to the city center should not exceed 30 euros.

Some travelers might be interested in reaching San Sebastián from the international airport of Bilbao.

This airport is located only 12 km from Bilbao, and 100km far from San Sebastian, and has regular flight connections with many national and international cities.


Air LinesTelephone
AIR BERLIN(+34) 901 116 402
AIR EUROPA(+34) 944869795 / 902401501
AIR FRANCE(+34) 944869750 / 901112266
BRUSSELS AIRLINES(+34) 944869785 / 902901492
EASYJET(+34) 901333500
IBERIA(+34) 944869842 / 902400500
LUFTHANSA(+34) 944869785 / 902220101
SPANAIR(+34) 944869877 / 902131415
TAP PORTUGAL(+34) 944869860 / 902100145
VUELING(+34) 902333933


There is a regular bus connection between Bilbao airport and the city of San Sebastián. It takes around one hour to reach the city center and costs 15 euros. Buses depart from Bilbao airport for San Sebastián every hour. The bus company is PESA.

The airport of Biarritz (Bayona-Anglet-Biarritz) is located 48Km from San Sebastián and offers international flights to Birmingham, Bristol, Clermont- Ferrand, Dublin, Marseilles, Geneva, London, Lyon, Niza, Paris y Helsinki.

The airline companies operating from Biarritz are the following:

Air LinesTelephone
AIR FRANCE(+34) 944869750 / 901112266
EASYJET(+34) 901333500


There are regular train and coach connections between San Sebastián and Biarritz airport.

Access by train (Biarritz - Hendaia - Donostia/San Sebastian):

Hendaia - San Sebastian (Eusko Tren, Zumaia-Hendaia line)

Hendaia - Biarritz (SNCF)


Access by Coach:

Biarritz Airport -- centre of Biarritz (STAB, Line 6)

Biarritz -- San Sebastian (PESA)


By Train


RENFE(+34) 902 240 202
EUSKOTREN(+34) 902 543 210


RENFE is the railway company which connects the city on a daily basis with destinations such as Madrid and Barcelona. Travelers from France on SNCF, the French railway company, can arrive at Hendaye railway station then take the Euskotren to the centre of San Sebastián.


By Coach

San Sebastián has a well-connected coach network which is summarized in the following table:


CompanyMain Destinations
PESALekeitio (Bizkaia)Eibar, Bergara, Arrasate-Mondragón, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bilbao
LA ESTELLESALizarra-Estella (Navarra), Logroño (Rioja)
LA RONCALESA/ CONDAPamplona, Zaragoza
CONTINENTAL AUTOVitoria-Gasteiz, Burgos, Madrid (and connections to Andalucia)
LA BURUNDESAVitoria-Gasteiz
VIBASABarcelona, Lleida (Lérida), Tarragona, Salou, Orense, Pontevedra, Vigo
ENATCAR/ALSALeón, Salamanca/Badajoz, Valladolid, Salamanca, Cáceres, Mérida, Sevilla, Zamora
BILMAN BUSValencia, Benidorm, Alicante, Murcia, La Manga
EUROLINESParis, London, other European cities



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Hotel list
HotelSingle roomDouble room
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Codina *** 85 € (Double room for single use, breakfast and VAT included) 105 € (double use, breakfast and VAT included)


List of some other accommodation options available in San Sebastian - Donostia.


hotel categoryhotel categoryhotel categoryhotel categoryABBA LONDRESWalking, 10 min1no rooms available
hotel categoryhotel categoryhotel categoryhotel categoryBARCELÓ COSTA VASCAWalking, 5 min.0,7110 - 130
hotel categoryhotel categoryhotel categoryhotel categoryHESPERIA DONOSTIBus, 10 min. The bus departs every 5 min. Taxi, 5 min.2,555 - 85
hotel categoryhotel categoryhotel categoryhotel categoryPALACIO DE AIETETaxi, 5 min2,565 - 90
hotel categoryhotel categoryhotel categoryNIZAWalking, 7 min0,755 - 90
hotel categoryhotel categoryPENSION ALEMANAWalking, 7 min0,958 - 100


If you prefer, you can check the Full Hotels List of San Sebastian and book the hotel through the Hotel webpage.

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