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IWORDD 2019 International Workshop on Reading and Developmental Dyslexia 02nd Oct. - 04th Oct.
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  • Symposium-talks/Oral presentation - iWORDD 2019

Symposium-talks/Oral presentation - iWORDD 2019

Symposium-talks/Oral presentation - iWORDD 2019


In order to make sure that the time slots allocated to each talk will be kept at iWORDD 2019, we would like to ask you that you send your final slides for the presentation in advance, so that we can set up the shared laptops for this purpose. We would prefer you not using your own laptop.


Could you please send your slides by 11:59 PM the day before your talk using the link below to facilitate smooth transitions between talks.

We have scheduled 20 minutes for the talks including 5 minutes for discussion, and 25 minutes for symposium-talks for which the discussion will be at the end of the symposium.

The two laptops have the following configurations:

- LAPTOP_1: MS Windows10 Pro, MS Office Standard 2013, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
2018.011.20040, VLC 3.0.3.
- LAPTOP_2: MacOS High Sierra 10.13.5, MS Office 2011 for Mac , KeyNote 8.0.1, VLC 3.0.3, Quicktime Player 10.4.

Please upload your presentation using the following Link

Please name the presentation according to the oral session/symposium the presentation is for (e.g.: OS-2.3 for Oral Session 2, third presentation / S.1.2 for Symposium 1, second presentation). The presentations will be loaded in both computers.

Also note that during the registration, coffee and lunch breaks, presenters will be able to test their presentations for the upcoming session.

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