To unravel the neurocognitive mechanisms involved in the acquisition, comprehension and production of language.

  1. To develop research and innovation in Cognitive Neuroscience with special emphasis on language processing and bilingualism.
  2. To promote scientific research and national and international scientific relations within the area of Cognitive Neuroscience and to transfer the results of this research to the wider socioeconomic community.
  3. To promote the transfer and dissemination of knowledge about Cognitive Neuroscience, Language and Bilingualism both within and beyond the Basque Country, by means of organising courses, seminars, national and international conferences and by other appropriate means of general communication.
  4. To participate in undergraduate and postgraduate education and training programmes and encourage the incorporation of young researchers to this area.
  1. To facilitate the training and ongoing development of the BCBL personnel and to promote their collaboration across different lines of research.
  2. To forge collaborative links and common interest areas with public and private institutions, centres and industries, with the aim of providing research, training, technological and consultancy services to use the work developed in BCBL to the fullest economic and social advantage.