Mikel Ostiz

Mikel Ostiz

Predoctoral Researcher
La Caixa Fellow 2015-2019

Psychology and neurocognition of language, Developmental Dyslexia, Music Therapy Tools, Rhythm, Signal and Image Analysis Engineering.

Tel.: +34 943 309 300 Ext. 316


  • Bossavit, B., Ostiz Blanco, M., Lizaso, M., & Pina Calafi, A., ( 2013 ) Software with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Natural Interaction for Atypical Development Individuals En Fernández, M. I. (ed.) Augmented Virtual Realities for Social Development. Experiencies between Europe and Latin America (pp. 103-129), Proyecto Alfa Gaviota, ISBN 978-950-757-046-9