[PS-3.21]The role of feedback in implicit and explicit artificial grammar learning: A comparison between dyslexic and non-dyslexic adults

Schiff, R. , Sasson, A. & Kahta, S.

Bar Ilan University

The importance of feedback for learning has been firmly established over the past few decades. The question of whether feedback plays a significant role in the statistical learning abilities of adults with dyslexia, however, is currently unresolved. Here, we examined the role of feedback in grammaticality judgment, type of structural knowledge and confidence rating in both typically developed and dyslexic adults. We implemented two artificial grammar learning experiments: implicit and explicit. The second experiment was directly analogous to the first experiment in all respects except training format: the standard memorization instruction was replaced with an explicit rule-search instruction. Each experiment was conducted with and without performance feedback. Results from these two experiments indicate that while both groups showed significantly improved learning in the feedback-based explicit artificial grammar learning task, only the typically developed adults demonstrated higher levels of conscious structural knowledge. The present study demonstrates that the basis for the grammaticality judgement of adults with dyslexia differs from that of typically developed adults, regardless of an increase in the level of explicitness.