[PS-1.3] Predictors of developmental dyslexia in Spanish school children: A longitudinal study

Bordoy, S. 1 , Luque, J. L. 1 , Alegría, J. 3 , Carrillo, M. 2 , Giménez, A. 1 & López-Zamora, M. 1

1 Universidad de Málaga (Spain)
2 Universidad de Murcia (Spain)
3 Université libre de Bruxelles

The relationship between phoneme awareness, rapid automatized naming (RAN), verbal short-term memory (V/STM) and diagnostic category is investigated in control and dyslexic children. Phonological and literacy skills were tested in 109 control and 102 dyslexic children from two schools levels, 2nd and 4th grade. Literacy skills were tested a second time, two years later. Literacy skills tests included a reading word test and a reading pseudoword test, a pseudohomophones decision task and a dictation test. In the first phase, dyslexics showed difficulties in the three phonological processes. Phoneme deletion was the strongest predictors of developmental dyslexia, while V/STM and RAN played a comparatively minor role. RAN test showed stronger relationship with speed measures than with accuracy ones. Phoneme deletion diminished its predictor value in the higher grade, while RAN did not lose prediction value. The second phase is still processing but results will be reported.