[PS-2.13] Measuring reading skills in deaf readers of Spanish

Dias, P. . 1 , Villameriel, S. 1 , Costello, B. 1 , Giezen, M. 1 & Carreiras, M. 1, 2, 3

2 Ikerbasque, Basque Foundation for Science

In the current study we investigated the contribution of various language and reading measures to sentence-level semantic and grammatical sentence processing in 36 Deaf Spanish readers and 36 hearing controls. Language and reading skills were assessed for comprehension (ECL-2), grammar (Comprehension of Grammatical Structures Test) and vocabulary (adapted Peabody receptive vocabulary test); additionally, participants completed a language questionnaire to provide information about their education, language background and reading frequency and habits. Non-verbal IQ was measured using a subtest of the Reynolds Intelligence Assessment Scales. Sentence-level reading was assessed through an online sentence judgment task with semantic and grammatical violations. We are currently analyzing the relationships between these different behavioral measures to reveal the impact of different linguistic and cognitive abilities on sentence processing in Spanish readers.