[PS-1.2] Russian Phonological Battery for Assessment of Language Development

Dorofeeva, S. 1 & Dragoy, O. 1, 2

1 Higher School of Economics, Center for Language and Brain
2 Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry

Phonological processing is one of the central components of language comprehension and production and is an essential predictor of language acquisition and reading development (Debska, 2016, Torgesen et al., 1994, Ehri et al., 2001). Early detection of phonological deficit is essential for an appropriate assistance to children with language developmental disorders (Wagner & Torgesen, 1987). For that, fine and accurate diagnostic tools are required (Ramus et al., 2013).
For languages like English, there are test batteries measuring phonological skills both for children and adults (Frederickson et al., 1997, Gardner et al., 2006, Warmington, 2012), but for Russian no single standardized phonological test was available. We have developed such comprehensive phonological battery for Russian children. It includes 11 subtest and measures phonological processing ability at several levels. Important distinctive feature of our test is a linguistically-based approach. We have balanced the stimuli on a number of psycholinguistic parameters, such as age of acquisition of words, frequency of use, articulatory features and so on.
In the poster, we will present the linguistics theory behind the developed battery, the tests themselves implemented in the form of a tablet app, and the normative data of 100 children aged 7-10 y.o.