[PS-2.19] Implementing subtitles in immersive media for a comfortable reading

Agulló, B. , Orero, P. & Matamala, A.

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Immersive media, such as virtual reality and 360 degree content, is increasingly present in our society. In order to mainstream this content it requires to be accessible to a wide range of the population, subtitles are needed. However, implementing subtitles that can be properly read in this new media poses a challenge. Standard subtitle features for 2D content, such as where to position the subtitles on the screen or how to identify the speakers and sounds, need to be redesigned. New features, such as how to indicate where the speaker is or where the sound comes from, need to be put in place. For this implementation, solutions that provide a comfortable reading and prevent eye strain and weariness are sought. In this poster, different commercially available and experimental examples will be explained for: subtitles placement, depth and speaker?s location identification.