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1st international Workshop on Predictive Processing  20th Jun. - 22nd Jun.

1st international Workshop on Predictive Processing

We are pleased to announce the first international Workshop on Predictive Processing (#WoPP), which will take place in San Sebastían, Spain June 20-22, 2018.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss predictive coding and its underlying mechanisms from behavior to neuroscience. We aim at calling together researchers and students from various domains such as vision, audition and language, to build bridges between various research fields and share this common and exciting interest on prediction. For example, the meeting will provide language researchers (working on prediction) with the more important perspectives coming from other scientific fields of research (vision, auditory perception, decision making, attention, etc).

The conference will include invited speakers, regular talks, symposiums, and poster sessions. We are pleased to announce the presence of Sophie Scott, Moshe Bar and Pascal Fries as invited speakers.


Regarding the social event:


There will be a bus to and from the cider house, as well as typical Basque music during dinner as entertainment.

With regard to transport, the bus route will be as follows:

Departure to the cider house:

20:00 "La Antigua" church, under the Miramar Palace

20:10 Silken Amara Plaza Hotel

On the way back from the cider house:

23:00 Departure from the cider house

23:15 Silken Amara Plaza Hotel

23:20 "El Buen Pastor" Cathedral

23:25 Okendo Street

23:30 San Sebastian Hotel



Participants are requested to design posters (portrait) with the following dimensions:

- Maximum poster height: 120 cm

- Maximum poster width: 90 cm

Each poster will be given a unique number which correspond to the poster panel.

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