[PS-2.20] Development and Validation of an On-line Test Measuring Automaticity in L2 Vocabulary Recognition Processing

Yamauchi, Y. 1 , Kunikoshi, A. 2 , Kawamura, A. 1 , Nishikawa, M. 3 , Husky, K. 1 , Someya, Y. 4 & Minematsu, N. 5

1 Tokyo International University
2 McRoberts B.V.
3 Tokai University
4 Kansai University
5 University of Tokyo

This study aimed to develop and validate an on-line test measuring automaticity in L2 vocabulary recognition employing coefficient of variation (CV). In prior research CV has been reported to indicate how learners' language processing is automatized and to decrease as learners' proficiency levels become higher. This is because their language processing changes from controlled to more automatized and variance decreases. The test required L2 learners to read a word and choose as soon as possible the most suitable meaning of the word out of four options presented on a PC monitor. The option they selected and the reaction time (RT) needed to choose it (from the time the four options were presented on the screen) were automatically recorded. Based on the RT, CV was automatically calculated by variance of RT divided by mean RT. Thus the test can measure vocabulary size, RT and CV. Test subjects were 120 EFL Japanese learners, with different proficiency levels measured by TOEIC ranging from 200s to 900s. The results of the statistical analysis revealed that the vocabulary size increased, while the RT and the CV significantly decreased, as the levels of the participants went up. Thus the validity of the test was confirmed.