[PS-2.46] Monitoring in Multiple Modalities in the First and Second Language

Broos, W. , Duyck, W. & Hartsuiker, R.

Ghent University

Previous research has shown that language processing in a second language (L2) is slower than in a first language (L1) regarding auditory word recognition (Lagrou, Hartsuiker, & Duyck, 2011) and speech production (Ivanova & Costa, 2008). Since differences are found in these processes, it stands to reason that monitoring between L1 and L2 speakers differs as well. The main aim of the current study was to observe whether differences in monitoring between L1 and L2 speakers are due to aspects of word retrieval, auditory processes, or speech production. Participants performed a picture naming task (naming), an auditory phoneme monitoring task (comprehension), and a phoneme monitoring task (production). The naming task revealed that L2 speakers were slower in naming pictures than L1 speakers. The auditory phoneme monitoring task yielded no significant differences between L1 and L2 speakers. Analyses of the production task revealed that L2 speakers were faster in responding than L1 speakers. Additional correlational analyses were performed as to see whether reaction times of one task were predictive of another. L2 speakers showed significant positive correlations between all tasks (with the exception the correlation between naming and listening) while L1 speakers only showed a correlation between production and comprehension.