Compiling from the Source Code

To compile a new standalone version of eDom, you will need to have the MATLAB compiler package installed on your system (available as part of a complete MATALB install).  Once that is complete, simply run the appropriate makefile<ARCH>.m file for your architecture, followed by clean.m.  If a makefile does not currently exist for your architecture, you may find it useful to start with a makefile from a similar architecture and modify it as necessary for your system.

Note that if you compile your own version of eDom, it may be necessary to also distribute the MATLAB Runtime Component (MCR) that is associated with the MATLAB version used to compile the program.  You can find the location of this file by typing 'mcrinstaller' in the MATLAB command line.

Blair Armstrong, Natasha Tokowicz, David Plaut, 2011-