Computing facilities

The BCBL Information System provides high degrees of performance, reliability and availability of both data and computing resources. High-performance computing clusters allow the execution of sophisticated data analyses. Network services facilitate secure data sharing within and between research teams. The extensive software resources include tools for development and execution of experimental tasks, data processing, and production of scientific communications. Fast delivery of network services is guaranteed by a high-speed optical backbone network.

Eduroam (Educational Roaming) is an international project with the purpose of providing a single wifi space in the member institutions. The objective is deliver an internet connection service in the most easy and transparent way.

The BCBL is integrated in the eduroam network, so the visitors/people from other institutions integrated in the eduroam network who are in transit at the BCBL are able to use our wifi service. In the same way, our staff in transit are able to use the wifi service in the associated institutions.

  • For further information about eduroam, please visit:
  • For further information about the BCBL wifi service, please contact with the IT department.

Researchers thus have all the information technology that they need to design, execute, analyze, and report on an almost unlimited range of behavioral and neuroscientific investigations of language and cognition.

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