BCBL facilities/resources

BCBL has exceptional facilities that support cutting-edge research on language and cognition in adults and children, using both behavioral and neuroscientific approaches.

The equipment allows precise measurement of response times to visual and auditory stimuli, as well as measurement of eye movements for approaches such as the visual world paradigm. A complete complement of neuroscience methodologies is available, including EEG/ERP, MEG and MRI. All of the facilities are connected to a high speed local network that also supports communication among user desk-top computers.

Across the experimental facilities, the same stimulus presentation and data recording hardware and software are employed as far as possible to ensure comparable experimental setups across different experimental methods/platforms (Eyetracking, EEG, MRI, MEG,…).

For special-purpose applications, the installation and use of different hardware and software is supported by a skilled technical group.

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