Behavioral laboratories

Eight soundproof chambers are available to conduct behavioral experiments. Each chamber is equipped with a standardized high-quality experimental setup which can collect reaction-time data such as push-button responses or naming latencies.

Chambers can be used for individual testing sessions with one experimenter monitoring individual participants as well as for testing up to 4 participants simultaneously. Groups of participants can be monitored via web-cams.

The hardware for each chamber includes:

Monitors: ViewSonic G90FB 19″ CRT.
Soundcards: Soundblaster Titanium X-FI, with ASIO support.
Headsets: Sennheiser HMD 280 pro
push button response boxes

The standard software packages are:


As noted above, the technical group can build and develop special-purpose hardware and software when the standard configuration does not provide the functionality for a particular study.

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