Activities and Seminars

Symposium on Language and speech (BCBL + Maastricht University)
Date: Apr 04, 2019

On April 4th, the BCBL is organizing a Symposium together with a visiting group from Maastricht University (The Language Lab, Prof. Milene Bonte).

The symposium will include a total of 8 talks: 4 talks from the BCBL and 4 talks from Maastricht. (see below the program).
We think this is a good way to promote a cross-theme discussion and generate new research ideas within the central theme of Language and speech.

There will be 7 short talks (15 min + 10 min discussion) and 1 overarching talk from Milene Bonte (45 min + 15 min discussion, ‘external speaker style’)

The symposium will take place in the Auditorium (1st floor) and starts at 10 am. No need to register.
Master students are very welcome.



- 10:00: Short talk 1 (Nicola Molinaro – BCBL – “Delta band cortical entrainment and its role in audivisual integration”)
- 10:30: Short talk 2 (Manli Zhang – Maastricht – “Tracking the implicit phonological learning of speech – EEG entrainment study in adults”)
- 11:00: Short talk 3 (Antje Stoehr – BCBL – “The orthographic consistency effect in word perception and production in native speakers of Spanish and French”)


- 12:00: Longer talk (external speaker style) . Milene Bonte – Maastricht – “Adaptive auditory cortical coding of speech”
Abstract: Language development typically leads to optimized neural mechanisms, enabling efficient speech analysis in adults with high adaptability to behavioral goals. In this talk, I will discuss EEG and fMRI studies investigating the role of the human auditory cortex in forming these adaptive speech sound representations. In particular, our findings show spatio-temporal neural coding mechanisms underlying task- and reading-induced plasticity in speech perception as well as their refinement during typical and atypical language development.


- 15:00: Short talk 4 (Linda Romanovska – Maastricht – “Imaging audiovisual plasticity during typical and dyslexic reading development – longitudinal 3T fMRI study in 8-11 year old children”)
- 15:30: Short talk 5 (Sendy Cafarra – BCBL – “Neural correlates of reading acquisition: MEG evidence”)
- 16:00: Short talk 6 (Francesco Gentile – Maastricht – “Encoding of natural sounds and speech in the auditory cortex – 7T fMRI study in typically reading and dyslexic adults”)
- 16:30: Short talk 7 (Ileana Quiñones – BCBL – “Functional and structural plasticity associated with learning to read – 3T fMRI study in illiterates and dyslexic adults”)


After dinner, there will be social time at Tabakalera from 9 onwards. Please join us!!