Activities and Seminars

Rasha Abdel Rahman, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany.
Date: Nov 24, 2011

What: The dynamics of lexical access during language production: behavioral and electrophysiological evidence When: Thursday, November 24th, 12:00pm
Where: BCBL, Paseo Mikeletegi 69, Floor 2.
Summary: Speech planning includes the co-activation of different meaning aspects and semantic alternatives at the conceptual and lexical processing level. A recent debate centers around the question whether this co-activation of alternative meanings results in competition during lexical selection. Semantic interference effects in a number of different experimental paradigms have long been taken as evidence for lexical competition. Alternatively, it has been argued that these effects reflect post-lexical mechanisms of excluding alternative articulatory responses from the output buffer. In this talk I will present a number of behavioral and ERP studies exploring the nature and time course of lexical access. These studies suggest that lexical selection is competitive and that the co-activation of meaning alternatives can be shaped by flexible context adaptations and formations of ad-hoc semantic links well beyond hard-wired categorical relations.