Activities and Seminars

Özge Gürcanlı, Active-Learning with Digital Course Projects
Date: Jun 26, 2018

What: Active-Learning with Digital Course Projects

Where: BCBL auditorium

Who: Özge Gürcanlı, Ph.D., Lecturer and Research Associate, Department of Psychology, Resident Associate and Divisional Advisor of Social Sciences, McMurtry College, Rice University, Houston/TX, US.

When: 12 PM, noon

The contemporary higher education classroom relies on a diverse set of teaching styles that go beyond traditional lecturing.  Active learning, a diverse set of teaching techniques such as in-class writing activities, simulations, group-projects and personal response systems is incorporated into teaching curriculum in many disciplines, and it is shown that it enhances students’ educational experience, learning and performance. In an active learning environment, students examine, analyze, evaluate and apply course related concepts, thus they are provided with the opportunity to be cognitively engaged in their own learning process. In this talk, I am going to give examples from my digital course projects as a specific type of active learning, will discuss the benefits for students, and provide a guideline for how to create such projects for undergraduate courses.