Activities and Seminars

Marc Brysbaert. Atypical language dominance
Date: Jun 21, 2012

What: Atypical language dominance

Where: BCBL auditorium

When: 12 noon

In recent years it has become possible to assess speech dominance in a noninvasive and valid way with the use of fMRI. In this talk I will discuss how we found of sample of 20+ lefthanders with right hemisphere speech lateralization, who we compared to control participants (both left- and righthanded) with left hemisphere dominance. Questions addressed are: (1) does language dominance have implications for foveal word recognition (split-fovea vs. bilateral fovea), (2) does language dominance have implications for eye movements in reading, (3) does atypical speech dominance have implications for the lateralization of other language and non-language functions?