Activities and Seminars

Jason D. Yeatman, PhD. The neural circuitry of skilled reading.
Date: Jun 23, 2016

What: The neural circuitry of skilled reading

Where: BCBL Auditorium

Who: Jason D. Yeatman, PhD. Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Washington’s Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences(I-LABS), Seattle, United States.

When: 12 PM

Reading requires signals to be rapidly communicated between regions of the cortex that are specialized for processing visual, auditory, and language information. An impairment in any one of these systems, or the bundles of wires (white matter) that connect them, could cause reading difficulty. In this talk I will introduce new approaches to measuring the developing human brain, and describe how my lab is using these methods to understand the neural basis of skilled reading. By combining quantitative MRI measures of white matter tissue structure with functional MRI and computational modeling we are constructing a detailed description of how the structure and function of the brain’s reading circuitry leads to the critical behavior that it supports.