Activities and Seminars

Iñigo Gabilondo. The visual pathway as a model for neurodegenerative diseases
Date: Nov 03, 2014

What: The visual pathway as a model for neurodegenerative diseases

Where: BCBL auditorium

When: 12 noon

Axonal and neuronal damage is a critical process and one of the main contributors to permanent neurological disability in several brain diseases. As such, understanding the dynamics and processes involved in this injury is critical for unraveling the pathogenesis of brain disorders, which in turn can promote the development of biomarkers and new therapies for neurological conditions. The visual pathway is a suitable model to study the dynamics of neuronal degeneration in the central nervous system, as it has a well-defined and eloquent structure. In fact, damage of the visual pathway is common in some of the most frequent brain disorders such as cerebrovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Current imaging techniques including reinal Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and brain MRI can quantify in-vivo, non-invasively and with good accuracy neurodegeneration in the visual pathway. In my talk, I will address the main ideas I worked on in this respect for my doctoral thesis in the University of Barcelona and the current and future projects of our neuroimaging team at University of Deusto and Biocruces Health Research Institute.