Activities and Seminars

Guillaume Thierry. Translanguaging: the quest for the bilingual advantage.
Date: Feb 28, 2014

What: Translanguaging: the quest for the bilingual advantage.

Where: BCBL auditorium

When: 12 noon

Bilingualism today is the norm, not the exception. Throughout the world, millions of individuals speak more than one language on a daily basis and many are being educated bilingually. This poses fascinating challenges for teachers and parents working towards language acquisition and conceptual development. One key issue is that of language separation: Whilst some schools hold classes strictly in one language, others have been experimenting with the use of two languages in the same class. The latter method is known as translanguaging: Pupils are presented with information in one language (written or spoken) and asked to produce outputs in their other language (written or spoken). Informal observations have shown that this method may be particularly effective because it prompts conceptual remapping of information across languages, potentially increasing understanding. In this talk I report our first results of an investigation into the effects of translanguaging on semantic access using event-related brain potentials.