Activities and Seminars

Francois-Xavier Alario. Electro-physiology of word production: A reverse story
Date: Mar 14, 2013

What: Electro-physiology of word production: A reverse story

Where: BCBL auditorium

Who: Francois-Xavier Alario, LPC, CNRS, Marseille.

When: 11 noon

There is a long tradition of using electro-physiological recordings to investigate language cognitive processing. In most of these studies, participants are requested to understand or decode language (e.g. reading or listening to utterances). By comparison, investigations of language production processes are much scarcer. Furthermore, the available studies have characterized neural events with respect to the onset of the stimulus triggering a verbal response. The core aspect of language production, however, is not perception but action. Words must be actively selected, articulated and monitored, irrespective of the internal or external stimulus that triggered speech production. I will present an electrophysiological investigation of word production processes that starts precisely at the moment of articulation. I will then move ‘in reverse’ to the earlier stages where the articulated word was selected, and where the speaker’s response was prompted by a stimulus. In doing so, I will discuss the processes of response monitoring and, tentatively, lexical selection.