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BrainHack Donostia 2018
Date: May 02, 2018
May 04, 2018

Welcome to the very first edition of Brainhack Donostia, taking place in San Sebastian, Spain, between the 2nd-4th of May 2018, hosted by the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language!

As an official satellite event for Brainhack Global 2018 (organised by Cameron Craddock and the Neurobureau) this 3-days workshop will focus on tutorials introducing people to Neuroimaging techniques, such as fMRI, Diffusion, MEG, EEG and fNIRS, from preprocessing to data analysis (connectivity and decoding).

In a pure BrainHack style, participants are encouraged to bring their own projects to be developed and to recruit collaborators onsite. The projects can focus on fMRI, Diffusion, EEG, MEG and/or NIRS. They can also focus on multimodal imaging if you want!
However, given the space available, this edition will be able to host up to a maximum of three project development teams. For this reason, we invite you to submit your project beforehand on this website, specifically here. Yet, before submitting, check the links at the end of this page to verify that your project is eligible!
The projects that will be developed will be chosen on the first day of the Brainhack, giving precedence to those pre-submitted.

Working papers on the outcomes of the event can appear in the Gigascience Brainhack Thematic Series, and shorter project reports are eligible for the annual Brainhack Proceedings.

Brainhack Donostia 2018