Activities and Seminars

Alfonso Nieto-Castañon. Analysis methods and challenges in resting state functional connectivity.
Date: Jan 12, 2016

What: Analysis methods and challenges in resting state functional connectivity

Where: BCBL Auditorium

Who: Alfonso Nieto-Castañon, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, Boston University, USA.

When: 12 noon

Functional connectivity Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fcMRI) has emerged as a powerful tool to map and understand the functional organization of the brain. Resting-state fcMRI focuses on the relationships between spontaneous fluctuations in neural activation across distant regions, revealing robust and organized networks of activity and opening a window to understand regional interactions underlaying integrated brain function. This talk describes the preprocessing, analysis steps, and methodological issues involved in the study of resting-state fcMRI data, putting in context the contribution of classical and novel analytical approaches to the field of fcMRI analyses.