Call for two research Fellows Gipuzkoa

The aim of this call is to recruit researchers with a strong post-doctoral training in world-class research groups in the field of cognitive neuroscience. The program aims to encourage researchers with promising scientific careers, from institutions or internationally renowned groups, capable of promoting innovative research lines to join the Basque scientific-technological network.

  Candidates interested in applying for a Gipuzkoa Fellowship must meet the following requirements:
– Qualification: Hold a PhD.
– Outstanding research CV, with post-doctoral experience in international research groups.
- Preference will be given to candidates originally from the Basque Country, or who have trained or carried out research in a research center in the Basque Country, or who intend to base themselves permanently  in the Basque Country.
- Conduct research in one of the BCBL research lines.

To participate in the call, applicants must submit the following documents as soon as possible
– Curriculum Vitae.
– Brief summary of academic interests.
– Reference letters (not essential but recommended).

The selection process will be open until both positions are filled.

October 1, 2013.